Day Nineteen

Allowing the process

Every day is different. I understand that I am not alone in finding that bringing meditation into my daily life is a process. Participating each day in active meditation, or not, it needn’t be a source of frustration or “should.” With kindness and regard for myself, I am allowing and watching it unfold day by day. This, too, is something to accept without judgment.

When I meditate, I ge2016DMJnerally have a journal beside me so that after meditation, when I am moved to, I can write or draw thoughts and impressions. I am looking forward to using this delightful “Daily Musings Journal,” from Mountain Mermaid Studios, as a record for 2016 meditations. There are still a limited number available if you are interested in something like this for your meditations…or other journalations.

I look forward to joining you tomorrow for the last formal day of our 20 day journey. How ever you have participated in this journey, you are moving forward on your meditation path and there is so much there/here to be grateful for.

How are you feeling about your meditation journey? I would love to hear from you below.

Day Sixteen

Meditation notes

We saw our first snowflakes in Minnesota Wednesday. I bundled up to meditate outside today.

When something strikes me in meditation—a different environment, or a wisdom I leave meditation with, I like to write it down. Look in today’s email for these two printable pages I’ve drawn up. Use them as you wish to capture or log your thoughts, keep track of your meditation time, or anything that strikes you.


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There will be another journaling option to share in a day or two ~ stay tuned.

Today’s meditation ~

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I’ll see you tomorrow ~