Day Eighteen

When feelings bubble up ~

It is completely natural to have times when feelings bubble up during meditation, including unpleasant ones, after all we are paying attention.

In my experience, that paying attention helps uncover the very things that need addressing—and it wouldn’t feel right to cover them up again.

Many times, for me, the awareness of how to care for those unpleasant feelings arises too. Sometimes it has meant doting a bit on certain parts of me, breathing into those spaces; my stomach, bones, joints, or heart, giving them kindness and love, and listening to them—really. Sometimes this has meant seeking the help of professionals.

For all of us, caring for ourselves is the kindest thing we can do: it affects our whole being, how we relate to others, and our world.

Do you have any thoughts to share? I would love to hear from you below.

I’ll see you tomorrow ~

2 thoughts on “Day Eighteen

  1. I was able to do both yesterday – although I don’t know if the summit ended on its own or via my computer because there was an abrupt silence and blackened screen where Jon was. But it was good to be connected with people all over the world in meditation during the time I was on. Thank you for the information. And again, thank you for leading this journey.


    1. Nice knowing we did them together ❤ I think Jon just quietly said goodbye at the end. It is heartening to know we were in meditation with so many around the world. Powerful. I've wondered if in this little community here we might try at some point to have a live meditation "check-in" group. I think that might be a nice way to keep our meditation going. Do you think there would be interest? Thank you for joining me Lynn, and for your comments here. It is lovely to know you are here with me.


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