Day Fourteen

Two weeks in ~ creating the habit

Our practice is not made in having a peak experience every session, but in showing up, being present, letting judgement pass. Being. And, if it is not working for us today, if we just cannot sit, allowing ourselves to get up and come back tomorrow.

While often associated with buddhism, meditation is not exclusive to any religion or culture, it is practiced by all of the major religions and by those who align with no religion. As meditators, we are part of a growing community of people who are looking to meditation, among other reasons, to reduce stress, gain clarity, understanding, and promote brain health. “Shamatha,” the ancient Sanskrit word for meditation, means “peaceful abiding.”

I hope that you are finding this to be a place that is welcoming—that it invites you to explore meditation with curiosity and acceptance. In this context, I would like for us to grow on our path to know our true self and hear our own wise voice. In this short time my own meditation practice has strengthened and stretched. I am grateful for your presence along the way.

Thank you for abiding peacefully with me.

Please share your comments below. I would love to hear from you.

I’ll see you tomorrow ~

2 thoughts on “Day Fourteen

  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I have been wanting to again, but not starting. This gave me the spark. I sat for 6 days, often for 5 or 10 mn. Then I was entertaining at my cabin and completely forgot for 2 days, and then just didn’t for 2 more when I realized that I was off the wagon. I sat again today. I don’t know where my journey is taking me, but I am working on just being joyfully present day to day, and hope to continue sitting as part of that commitment. Thank you! Tami


    1. Tami, that is wonderful—you noticed and came back. Thank you for sharing. I feel the same way, being present each day and hoping to continue. ❤ So glad you are here with me, with us…we have a little community going.

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