Meditate with me

Have you been curious, wishful, even longing to try meditation?

Maybe you’ve tried it and it just hasn’t worked, or you loved it but it isn’t happening as often as you’d like? I have felt all of this and more. It’s easy to have a lot of ideas about what meditation is supposed to look like or be. I am not an expert, but over the years of starts, restarts and gratefulness, I’ve decided to make and keep meditation as a regular practice. Will you come too?

I invite you to let go of your expectations, find a comfortable spot to sit and join me right here for a simple one minute meditation.

I am preparing a 20 Day Ease into Meditation Journey that I hope even the most trepidatious will venture into.

On day one, we will meditate for one minute together. We will add one minute each day. On the 20th day, we will meditate for 20 minutes together and our practices will be well on their way.

As we go, I will be sharing tips and information—things that have helped me enjoy, look forward to, and create time for caring for myself in this way.

If you are considering signing up, you have already begun the journey.

We start October 15th.*

Sign up here:

*You can still sign up ~ we will send you a notice each day so you can start right from the beginning with Day One and take the journey one step at a time.